Saturday, December 24, 2011

A tradition that hold us together.

Mesti korang pernah dengar 'Reunion' kan? Gathering, lepak hang out sama-sama. Well, I got one tomorrow and now enters the 13th edition. What kind of reunion is that? Haha, this reunion gathers my batch '89CLANZ' from school. We kinda start this tradition accidentally. Mula2 after SPM kitorang just hang out sama-sama and main futsal. Then bila semua dah start sambung belajar, kitorang buat every semester. So tercetuslah our own Futsal Reunion. Memang always lelaki sahaja, hehe. Girls?Well ada la some of them yang pernah join tapi it doesn't suit them;this occasion where kitorang gather kat satu tempat hangout, makan-makan, sembang mengarut (well setahun setengah tak jumpa macam-macam cerita ada). It's kinda fun. Lepas tu main futsal 2 jam then lepak kat kedai makan for another last round for drinks. Seronok.

Eventhough every edition tak semestinya semua ada, tapi this will alert them that every sem mesti ada so they will be up for it. Kadang-kadang the girls complain, "Kenapa tak buat reunion batch semua?"..but I think kalau nak involve semua agak susah..transport lagi, penginapan, makan-makan..agak susah if semua orang still study. Maybe it's best to wait after semua orang dah ada job and pretty stable.

So, tomorrow I will be going to Seremban for this occasion. Jauh tapi for me berbaloi sebab got to see my friends, hang out, and have some jokes together.It is a short period of hour but this will make our bonding stronger and I'm hoping to keep this tradition for a long long time....

*If dah tua cepat penat sikit maybe I'll change the sports,badminton lepas tu golf.hahaha

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