Friday, March 16, 2012


Today is 16th of March 2012. I'm 23 years n 15 days old. I'm not quite sure but I'm single for almost two year now. The last relationship I had was fallen apart cos I've no more love since my ex found lying towards me. Yep, it's a hard thing to accept. But that's life. The more I think of it, I don't think I can blame her. It's my self confidence that shattered since I started dating my friend in IPG. This happened before I went back to my high school ex and then we broke up like I said before. About my particular 'friend', she was a nice girl, happy, energetic. But I didn't know that she have a dark side to her. But I'll kept that a secret, we broke up because of that. And I didn't trust her after that. Well, the point is..her last words were very shattering, almost breaking up all the particles I had in my heart.

It sounded like this "Eloklah, better keluar dengan lelaki yang hensem even perangai tak baik pun. At least tak lah sakit hati. Daripada orang yang tak hensem perangai baik pun, muka boleh buat sakit hati jugak."

That was the last words I got from her. Since then, I'm afraid. Afraid to go further with women.

I liked a girl once, we got along. But then, we stopped at just being friends sebab I'm afraid to get involved. I don't know what she's thinking. But later, I realized that self confidence can ruin me to go further. Help.

*Words hurt, not for the moment. It can last.

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  1. yeah.
    Words hurt, not for the moment. It can last