Friday, May 18, 2012

Accidental benefits.

Lately I've been playing badminton days and nights. I hope it can help me get my agility back and enhance my arm strength. Mula-mula masa main tak perasan pun, just suka-suka... tapi bila borak with my old friends in rugby recently about me playing badminton so much now...he said that this is a good training for my short distance movement, arm strength and agility. Can't wait to test this on the rugby field. :)

one of the benefits. Arm strength.

*Good luck for my boys from SMK Mahmud, Raub for their upcoming rugby tournament for under 19 and under 15 teams. Cikgu Shafiq will see you again for my internship next month! They are talented, just need a lot of expose in various environment.

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